Sunday, February 9, 2014

21 Day Challenge

Hello friends!!  I know, I know!  I have been gone for a long while!  I am not sure why I shy away from here when I need it the most!  So, I am going to try this again.  I really need a place to get my thoughts off my chest!
Well, my hubby listens to Mark's Daily Apple podcast and subscribes to his newsletter.  He is constantly sending me links to articles that he has read and thinks I will like.  I don't always always read everything he sends me!!!  My hubby is in great shape, works out consistently, and for the most part eats pretty healthy... except for the pint of Ben and Jerry's he had tonight!  hehe..  So, we eat healthy at home.  I cook most of our meals and try to use a lot of 'from scratch' ingredients.  We have cut out so many processed foods we were eating.  No more mac n cheese at our house!  The  last few weeks (really since around Christmas) have been hard.  We have not been prepping our food like we use to, and I was not making my meals in advance. Well because of that, more and more fast food and processed foods have been brought into the house.  I have just become so lazy!  M

My husband suggested that we follow Mark's Daily Apple and the 21 day challenge.  (In my opinion, he is doing this for me.  I think he sees my health spiraling out of control and it scares him.)  Now, I will say my hubby does like to eat healthy, and even though I think he is suggesting this for my benefit, I think he will enjoy it.  It is a Paleo diet, but we may tweak it a bit.  Paleo can be pretty strict on the foods you eat and also the types of meats you buy.  It is not in the budget at this time to buy all organic and grass fed meats to feed a family of 5.  Also, on Paleo, you are not supposed to eat beans.  We decided that we would still include beans in our diet.  They are a healthy food and we use them in our chili each week. 

This is not going to be something that will be hard to do AT home.  My biggest challenge comes when I am not at home.  I have a HUGE sugar addiction.  Let's just say, the other day at work I ate more than 5 donuts.  And each time I was not in the teacher's lounge, all I thought of were the donuts that were in there.   And I made up things that I needed to do, that all had to take place in the lounge. 

So that is my challenge.  I need to find things to take place of the sugar.  And sugar is everywhere at work  I can't remember if I told y'all about the chocolate bowl at work.  Yes, the PTO fills it up EVERYDAY!  I can't have just one. 

Well I have LOTS more to say, but I will save it for another day. 

Any thoughts for me to help me get through my sugar addiction? 

Jamberry Independent Consultant