Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where do I begin?

I guess I should start by introducing myself.  I don't really know who I am introducing myself to because as of right now, I don't have any followers!!  Haha!  So it's like I am just talking to myself!

 My name is Jaime, I am 37 yo, and I live in metro Atlanta.  I am a mother of three children.  I have an almost 7 yo son,JB, a 4yo daughter, EB, and a 3 yo daughter SB.  I work as a full time Kindergarten teacher at a local public school.  I am married to my Best Friend, The Hunster.  He is super fit and super sexy!  He does it all... he runs, lifts weights, rides bikes... 

I feel like I have always struggled with my weight, but when I look back at pictures from high school, I am like... Damn Girl!!!  I think, back then I always compared myself to my sister, who was super duper skinny, and a lot of my smaller friends.  I had it in my mind that I was fat.  I was probably like a size 8/10 back then. Oh, if I could have that body back!  I was also VERY shy and lacked confidence in my self.

Crack Me Up!!

 This is me in high school. 
Please look past the hair and fashion.
Okay so fast forward to college.  I was introduced to alcohol and that brought with it a bit of confidence, which allowed me to come out of my shell.  It also brought on the Freshman 15 (or more)!!  So, after two years of partying, I left that college and moved back home with my parents... major bummer...  I went through a bit of a depression because I missed my social life.  I didn't really have any of my friends in my hometown with me.  I pretty much went to school ( a local college) and laid in bed!  My mom finally convinced me to find a job and I did.  I think I lost most of the college weight through depression.  Anyway, I FINALLY finshed college and then moved to the BIG CITY! 

I got my first teaching job, 1st grade, and moved into an apartment with my bestie!  We had so much fun living together!  She was a nurse working the night shift, so our working hours were complete opposites.  We acted like we were 21 again and definitely took advantage of all Atlanta had to offer!  I really feel bad for the class I had that year.  I used up all of my hangover sick days that year!  I lived in Atlanta for the next three years and my weight crept up to just over 200 lbs.  OMG!  I joined a gym and the weight started to come off slowly, but it was hard with the lifestyle we were living.

I decided I wanted to get my life back in order, so I moved back to South GA, again, to move in with my parents.  (Yes, you read that right I was 26 years old working as a teacher and living with my parents!  Loser!)  I paid off my debt and lost  a lot of the weight.  I was a member of a local gym and I worked out all the time.  (Remember, I didn't have a lot of friends in my hometown, and I LIVED WITH MY PARENTS, so I had some free time on my hands!)  Anyway, I was in the best shape of my adult life and I ended meeting The Hunster. The next year I found myself engaged and living back up near Atlanta!

I can see my collar bones!!
So that brings us to the last 9 years.  (Wow, I have rambled on!)  I got married, had 3 kids, and gained almost 100lbs, and lost a lot of myself.  I AM MISERABLE!! 
So this is a pretty current picture of me. 
I have actually gained some weight since this picture was taken.
I hate full length pics of me!

I am here to document this journey to better my health, my confindence, and my relationships.  I am hoping this blog will help me become accountable for the choices I make.  (Um, it would really help me out if I could get some followers so I could at least pretend I am talking to SOMEONE!!  ANYONE??)


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