Monday, July 15, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: My Weekend

I hope everyone had a really good weekend!  IT IS STILL RAINING HERE IT ATLANTA, GA!!  We have had rain something like 19 out of the last 23 days!  I read somewhere that we have had more rain this month (like 40in) than Seattle has had all year!  Yikes!  It has gotten better lately where at least there are just scattered summer showers now instead of the scary thunderstorms we had been getting. 

Well let's just start with The Good.  Hmmmm, there is not too much of this. :(
1. My kids had two bday parties this weekend, so I was able to hang out with the other moms and catch up!  At the Friday night party we were even allowed to leave the bday party and go to dinner!
2. I was able to take the kids to the pool on Sunday.  The sun would peek out occasionally, and it only rained a couple of times, but the kids had a blast.  I just love watching them have fun playing with their friends.
3.  As we were sitting at the pool, the other moms and dads were indulging in some adult beverages.  I decided I wanted to be more proactive about the times I would and would not drink.  I didn't want to feel like I had to drink just because they were.  So, I brought my huge Thermos filled with ice water and drank on that.
4.  As you will read in a minute, we ate out too much this weekend, but I tried really hard to make good choices when I went out (most of the time).  I went with salads or things with grilled chicken and veggies.  When we went to Mexican I didn't even touch the cheese dip or chips!  That is huge for me.  If I eat just one chip then it is all over for me.  I will end up eating a couple baskets of chips. I ended up getting a chicken fajita salad.  The Italian restaurant we went to was not your everyday Italian place.  You couldn't just order spaghetti or ziti or common Italian dishes.  The pastas had weird names and I felt rushed and confused looking at the menu.  I ended up ordering a salad (which I really do like to eat) and it was good.  The dressing was a bit too sweet, but I could have done worse.

The Bad.
1. We ate out entirely too much this weekend. Friday night- dinner with moms at an Italian place.  Saturday- pizza at bday party and Chickfila for dinner (even caved and ate a chocolate chunk cookie! I blame that on T.O.M.)  Sunday- McDonald's for lunch (yuck) Mexican for dinner.
2.  I did not exercise not one time this weekend.  I felt so tired and sluggish all weekend.  I blame T.O.M. for that.  And because it has been so rainy, we did not get our family fun day in.  And not to mention The Hunster was out of town on Saturday.  I never was a weekend exerciser (is that a word?), but I do like the family outings we do.
3.  We went to a bday party Saturday afternoon and I had 2 slices of pizza and none of the fruit that was offered.  Well, I did have ONE cherry!  Does that count!?  (I didn't have any cake... well I should say I didn't get my own cake because I did have a bite of my daughters.)
4.  When we got back from the party on Saturday, my kids opened their goody bags (I really hate those things!) and there was lots of candy.  What kinds of candy you ask?  Well, let me tell you... CHOCOLATE!  I would guess at least 40 of the 100lbs that I have gained over the last 9 years was due to chocolate.  Seriously. If not more.  So, yes, I did have about 6 fun sized bars of various chocolate.  But I will say that there is actually some still left!  Hmmm, should not have thought about that because now I want to go eat it.  :)  Okay, okay! I heard you!  I promise I won't eat it! 
5. After that I went into a chocolate coma and took a 3 hour nap and let 2/3 of my kids watch TV for that long.  I know, MOM OF THE YEAR!  The other kid was actually napping, too. 
6. Sunday morning we did NOT go to the grocery store and get all of groceries for the week or do any food prep.  The Hunster was busy playing a video game with the son, and I was upstairs playing on FB and other really important things like that!

The Ugly.
1.  I am not going into details, but that Mexican food did not agree with my stomach. 

This is a new week and I plan on getting my workouts in each and every day. I have a short term goal to shoot for.  We are going to the beach Labor Day weekend with 2 other families, and I would love for my swimsuit that I have now to be too big for me by then!  I am not expecting to look like a super model by then, just to lose enough weight that I have to replace my swim suit!  I will work really hard for the next month and a half. 

Do you have any short term goals you are shooting for?  I would love to hear about them.

***Disclosure: No chocolate was eaten in the writing of this post!
T.O.M.= Time of Month

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