Thursday, July 11, 2013

A BIG virtual hug from me to you!!

Well this week I focused a lot of my attention on getting my blog started and my new FB page going.  I have been on the computer a lot more than usual these last few days.  I have loved reading all the FB post and blog entries! 

It has been so encouraging, but the last couple of days I have been in a rut.  Probable causes of the rut:
1. It has been raining sooooo much here in Atlanta and when it rains I feel like I HAVE to be lazy!!!
2. FB and Blogs... enough said!! 
3.  I haven't been able to fall asleep and I stay up till 2 AM.  I just wasn't able to shut my mind off!  I think about this new fabulous blog (LOL!) and my new FB page and all the LIKES I so desperately want! I am also a teacher and this is the time of the summer when I start thinking about my classroom and everything I need to do to at school!  **side note- I am changing classrooms this year and I am super stressed!  I walked into my new classroom and saw all the stuff piled up and I still have stuff piled up in my old room.  I almost cried, but I did get a lot of my furniture moved into place, but I still have SO MUCH TO DO!!  So do you understand why I haven't been able to sleep??? 

Well, last night I went to bed at a more reasonable hour.  It was more like 11:00, which is better than 2 AM!  I told myself that the blogging world and the FB world would still be there when I woke up!  ARE YOU STILL HERE?  ANYONE???  FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW YOU ARE HERE!!!  I set my alarm for 6:30 and after a couple of times of hitting snooze (and not turning the damn thing off!)  I was up and dressed by 7AM.  I kept thinking of all of my 'new best friends!' in this blogging world and you encouraged me to get my butt out of bed!  I have read all about the awesome things y'all have been doing and eating, and I said if my BFFs can do it so can I!  So I walked out of the door and turned on my Ease Into 5k program on my iPhone.  (This program is pretty much a Couch to 5K training program.  I did pay for the app, but I love it.)  Here are my stats from today:

I have actually noticed my run pace get better!
Then when I got home I decided to put in my 30 Day Shred DVD.  I mean it is only 24 minutes with warm up and cool down.  But, let me tell you... she ain't no joke!  This video is broken into 3 levels depending on your ability.  I started at level 1.  She gives you a 2 minute warm up, which made me break out a sweat!!  Then you rotate through 3- 6 minute rounds of strength, cardio, and abs.  Then you end with a 2 minute cool down.  You really only do each exercise for about 30 seconds, but OMG it was so hard!  And I will admit that I didn't actually finish it all today, but I blame my husband!  He was upstairs getting ready for work and was yelling for me to shave his neck, gross!!  So when I finished I didn't have the strength to go and finish the last 8ish minutes.  I will knock the whole thing out tomorrow though!  Here is a picture that SB, my 3yo, took of me while doing this DVD:
This angle makes me look like
 I am as tall as my ceilings!

I can at least say that I am proud of myself for getting out of bed this morning!  Now if I can continue to do that every morning.  (I will have to come up with a strong plan once school starts back though.) 

So enjoy your hug and keep up the good work while encouraging me at the same time!

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  1. Hello, yes, just saw your facebook page which led me to your blog :) Well done for making a start! I hope you aren't too stressed the next couple of weeks with starting work.
    I wish you all the best! :)